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Planning an event and curious about what Body Funk has to offer? You’re in the right place. In this FAQ, we address common queries about our performances, booking process, and how we can bring a unique flair to your event. For specific pricing details, please use our Fast Quote system above. If you require additional information or have unique requests, feel free to include them in the comment box at the end of the form. Dive into these FAQs to learn more about the Body Funk experience and how we can make your event truly unforgettable. 

  • Fill out the booking form.
  • Receive a detailed quote based on provided information.
  • Discuss any further event details, production  etc.
  • Pay a booking fee to secure the date.
  • Get a receipt of payment upon transfer.
  • Provide any specific requests, production guidelines, social media promotion packs or playlists.
  • We are available by video call, phone call, WhatsApp or Email every step of the way.

Quality is at the heart of every Body Funk performance. We select only top-tier musicians and utilise state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment to ensure every performance is nothing short of spectacular.

What sets Body Funk apart is our fusion of global festival energy with the best of local Irish talent. Led by Lance West, we offer a distinct blend of professional performances and exciting, high-energy shows.

Tailoring your event with Body Funk is easy. You can mix and match performers from our talented roster to create a lineup that perfectly suits your event’s style. Whether you need a high-energy DJ set or a more laid-back saxophone melody, we’ve got you covered. 

We believe in a cohesive event experience. We seamlessly integrate with other vendors, from event planners to production companies, for a harmonious and successful event. 

Tailoring to corporate events, Body Funk integrates company themes and objectives into our performances. Whether it’s a product launch, company celebration, or any corporate gathering, we adapt our music and show elements to fit your corporate identity and event goals. This customisation ensures each corporate client receives a performance that resonates with their brand and leaves a lasting impression on attendees

Absolutely! Body Funk is versatile and adaptable, capable of performing at a wide range of events, from intimate gatherings to large-scale festivals and corporate functions.

  1. DJ and Sax
  2. DJ, Sax, Bongos
  3. Sax, Bongos, Vocals, DJ
  4. DJ only
  5. Vocals and DJ
  6. Fire breathers / Circus performers and band

Our set can be one or two hours. Each sax/bongos performance is broken down into 20 minute sections of rehearsed songs and your requests. When the Sax player takes a short break the DJ typically plays to the audience’s vibe. This is usually Pop, RnB, Guilty Cheesy Pleasures etc.

Our sets are tailored to each event. We work closely with our clients to understand what the event calls for. Whether you like the coolest of cool house music or a good mix of everything to suit most, we’ve got you covered. 

Due to the freestyle nature of our act, we are very flexible once it’s in the same ballpark. During our breaks, the DJ can play anything you want but in terms of the band section, some genres work just sound better than others. Simply put put a few songs in a Spotify, Youtube or text playlist to give us an idea of what you like! 

Body Funk specialises in a dynamic range of live performances, featuring a mix of DJs, saxophonists, drummers, and vocalists. We offer the flexibility to choose from various combinations of performers to suit your event’s theme and atmosphere.

We aim to respond with quotes and availability as quickly as possible, usually within the same or the next working day

Body Funk enhances events with a variety of special effects and stage setups. Our offerings include tropical stage designs and festival-style effects such as CO2 guns and confetti shooters, all designed to create an immersive experience.

We come full loaded with a touring stage setup. We have smaller versions of this setup for intimate events and for much larger events we work with production companies. Every great show needs the right setup.  Talk to us today and we can outline the technical specifications needed for our performances, ensuring everything runs smoothly for a spectacular show.

Irish weddings are a staple in our calendar. Our DJ/MC Lance West is highly in demand for couples looking for a real DJ to rock the party. Lance has performed for some Irish VIPs such as Irish Rugby Players, GAA sport legends, influencers and more. He also performs at many American weddings and event planners  that require a high level of performance and professionalism. His well rounded experience from bars, clubs, corporate events and weddings means his sets prepared for every eventuality, every age range and every audience. Our wedding sets are customised to suit the individual needs of the couple, their friends and their family in mind.

Safety is our priority. We have Public-liability insurance (PLI) and have diligent standards. We’ve worked hand in hand with Health and Safety officers to ensuring the wellbeing of our clients and guests, adhering to the latest health and safety guidelines/regulations.

At Body Funk, we’re dedicated to minimising our environmental footprint while delivering high-quality entertainment. This includes using energy-efficient lighting and sound equipment, reducing waste at our events, and encouraging recycling. We also explore sustainable travel options for our equipment and team. 

Hear from our clients about their Body Funk experience! Our testimonials reflect the energy and excitement we bring to every event, showcasing real stories of unforgettable celebrations. Click here for our google reviews

Discounted rates for off-peak events such as corporate BBQ, afternoon day-two weddings etc. 

Booking fees are refundable only if we need to cancel a booking for any legitimate and seriously unforeseen event; such as a major family emergency. We cannot issue refunds if a customer cancels an event for any reason. 

Our Fast Quote system is designed for efficiency and ease. It allows you to quickly provide us with the details of your event, after which we promptly respond with a tailored quote. This system ensures you get accurate pricing information without delay.

Planning an event can be confusing and stressful, if there’s anything you aren’t sure of we can call you back or chat over email. 


Body Funk: The Ultimate Live Performance Show, is hosted by Ireland’s renowned DJ, Lance West. This Ibiza-themed band combines a rotating roster of Ireland’s freestyle saxophonists, drummers, and performers. Our signature tropical DJ booth, fake palm trees and special FX, really bring the party energy! We’re ready for your next event. Hands up, let’s go!

DJ, Saxophone, Vocals Fairyhouse Racecourse Entertainment Logo – Body Funk Ireland


Here at Body Funk, our approach to creating an unforgettable live performance is a blend of meticulous planning and spontaneous creativity. We start by understanding the vibe and requirements of each event. Our skilled team then crafts a tailored performance, combining DJ sets with live sax, drums, and vocals, all harmonised with our signature tropical aesthetics. We incorporate state-of-the-art sound and lighting technology, ensuring each show is not just heard but also felt and remembered. 

Body Funk Performance with DJ, Sax, and Bongos at Maisies Athlone

🗝️ THE KEYS 🗝️

DJ Lance West Performing at Karma Nightclub in Athlone

Any event.

Bringing the show to Festivals, Nightclubs and Corporate Events, BODY FUNK is the next generation live performance show.

Body Funk's Bongo Player with Drum

Rotating Rosters.

Experience a one-of-a-kind performance every time with different combinations of performers.

Body Funk Stage: A Fusion of Music and Visual Artistry

Sound. Stage. Lighting.

Transform your event space with our signature tropical stage design and quality A/V.

Crowd covered in confetti and co2 by BODY FUNK's special effects

Festival-style Effects.

Crowds get hyped with our special FX: Co2 Gun, Confetti Shooters, Cold Sparks, LED Foam Sticks and more.

Female Saxophonist Performs at Corporate Event in Cork


Variety is the spice of Body Funk. With rotating rosters, audiences can experience a distinct performance from Ireland’s best. Different combinations of performers bring new sounds, new vibes, and new sets. 

DJ Lance West performing on stage with a saxophone and bongos at Leixlip "Rock the Yard" in Ireland for Body Funk.

"Every show has the iconic vibes of global festival stages and legendary clubs of Ibiza, Dubai and beyond."

Body Funk is carefully curated, with Lance’s visionary touch harmonising the raw talent of Ireland’s brightest freestyle performers and musicians into a seamless act.

Our eclectic crew bring the noise and BODY FUNK’s versatility and spirit make it a top choice for festivals, nightclubs, and corporate functions.



Body Funk suits everything from festival to corporate events. We collaborate closely with event planners to ensure our performance aligns with your event. Our diverse experience guarantees an event that’s both memorable and professionally executed. It’s not just about great sound, cool stage designs or lighting effects. We know how to rock an event with class music and interactive crowd moments. 

Live BODY FUNK performance with tropical stage design in Index/Opium Dublin Nightclub. Sax drums and DJ on big stage.