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For Quotes & Availability: To ensure swift and detailed responses, we kindly request you to submit a “FAST QUOTE” form. 


Telephone: +353857374075 (Please note, we do not provide quotes over the phone.)

Office Hours: Body Funk operates from MON-FRI, 12:00 – 17:00. Due to our involvement in late-night events, there might be occasional delays in our response. We appreciate your understanding.

More info: Lance West’s BODY FUNK is a VAT-registered company rooted in the heart of Leinster, Ireland.

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Our online hub for everything we  do week in and week out on Instagram & Facebook . This includes updates on upcoming events and promotional content from our shows + behind the scenes action. Looking for more? Check out LinkedIn if you are a corporate customer. We keep our YouTube for key videos.

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Contacting Body Funk – Ensuring a Smooth Connection

We at Body Funk value every interaction and every query. Our goal has always been to remain accessible and responsive, ensuring our customers and fans feel heard and appreciated. As you decide on the best way to get in touch, here are a few guidelines to ensure a seamless communication experience.

Purpose of Contact Reaching out to us is straightforward. Whether you have a general query about our performances, need clarity about an event, or just want to share feedback, we’re here to listen. For booking-specific queries, we recommend using our dedicated “FAST QUOTE” system, which has been designed to give you a prompt and detailed response.

Expected Response Time We pride ourselves on our timely responses. However, given the nature of our industry, there are times, especially post late-night events, when there might be slight delays. On average, you can expect a response within 24 hours. During peak event times, this might extend a bit, but rest assured, we’re always eager to connect.

Preferred Communication Method While we’re available both on email and phone, for a detailed trail and for efficiency, we recommend email for most inquiries. It allows us to provide comprehensive answers and direct you to the right resources or team members. However, if you have an urgent query or prefer a voice chat, our phone lines are always open during office hours.

Safety, Security, and Your Privacy Your trust is paramount to us. We guarantee that every piece of information you share, whether it’s your email, phone number, or event details, is held in strict confidence. We uphold stringent data protection standards, ensuring that your details are never used for unsolicited marketing or shared with external entities.

Contact Etiquette When reaching out, especially for event enquiries or bookings, providing as much detail as possible helps us serve you better. If you’re looking for availability on specific dates, please include them. If you have venue details, share those as well. The more we know, the better and faster we can assist.

Value of Feedback Body Funk has grown and evolved, largely thanks to the invaluable feedback from our patrons. Positive or constructive, every piece of feedback is a step towards our improvement. So, don’t hesitate to share your experiences, thoughts, or suggestions.

Emergency Contacts While we hope there’s never a need, if there’s an emergency related to a booking or event, please mention “URGENT” in your communication, whether it’s the email subject or at the start of a phone call. This ensures immediate attention.

Our Booking System For those who haven’t yet explored our booking system, it’s a dedicated portal that streamlines the entire process of checking our availability and getting a quote. It’s separate from our general contact to ensure that booking queries get the specialised attention they deserve.

A Final Word Body Funk isn’t just a name; it’s a commitment to unparalleled entertainment, professionalism, and a bond with our audience. Every call we receive, every email we read is a testament to that bond. So, reach out, connect, and let’s keep the rhythm going.